The Best Chatting App: Telegram VS WhatsApp

We are talking about two amazing messaging apps that are already on top of the world. Both WhatsApp and Telegram have their fans. And we understand why you can’t decide which one is the best. While they are both popular, it does not mean that they don’t face any problems. You may have heard about privacy and data leaks.

When it comes to privacy protection, Telegram is the number 1 priority. Yet, WhatsApp is doing its best to protect its users. Both of them offer almost similar additional options, including stickers and picture in picture viewing. Still, there are significant differences you may want to know about.

Why Is Telegram Better?

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Telegram app offers you an end to end encryption of your chat. And users can even set a timer in the app when they want their messages to get deleted. You don’t have to worry about your old messages, but if you want to keep the messaging history, it is better to save it somewhere else.

No one can read your secret chat without your permission. And if somebody takes the screenshots, you will be notified right away. Telegram has AI smart bots that are capable of learning and performing numerous tasks at the same time. The bot that works with images, for example, can get the images from just a name. There are numerous bots, from a gift bot to a sticker bot.

The cloud storage of the Telegram app offers you to store media files, images, documents, and texts. You can save the files from the chat directly. If you are worried about backup restore, this cloud storage takes care of everything, so you will not lose the data.

To speak to someone in the Telegram’s chat, you don’t have to know the contact number of the person. There is a public user name which you can search for. You can also find each other using numerous filters.

Telegram offers you channels to connect with people. This is no group chat, like in WhatsApp. However, the channel does not have limits for its members. You can invite all the people you need to join your chat. If you create the channel, you act as administrator, and it is up to you which users are allowed to make posts and which can view them.

You don’t need a mobile app to run Telegram like WhatsApp. It has different independent apps for all the platforms. You can switch between the platforms.

Why WhatsApp Is Better?

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WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion users nowadays, which is a little bit more than 200 million users of Telegram. According to these numbers, your friends and family probably use WhatsApp. It is just an assumption, but you can check it on your own.

This app has an end to end encryption of all the chats. While Telegram uses such system for secret chats, WhatsApp provides it for everyone. Besides video calls, this app supports audio calls as well. Basically, you can use this app as a phone.

This app notifies the sender when the receiver reads the message and when the message is delivered. This system is similar to Facebook’s Messenger, but with more benefits. You don’t have to worry about whether your message is read or not. Telegram does not have a similar feature.

Which App To Use?

If you have enough space on your phone or desktop, you may install both these apps and use them with different contacts. But if you have to choose one of them, just decide which options do you need the most:

  • WhatsApp offers group video calls, has all the chats with an end-to-end encryption and generally is more popular across the world;
  • Telegram offers amazing smart quickly reacting bots, advanced file sharing options, increased privacy, and is compatible with all the platforms.

It is up to you which app to use, but Telegram is a little bit behind the WhatsApp app mainly because it does not support video calls. Share your own thoughts about both these apps in the comments below. Which one do you prefer?

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