New updates for WhatsApp will allow users to hide annoying Status updates forever

The developers of one of the popular Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp announced a new feature that will hide the annoying Status updates forever. For now, it is available for testing only on the beta version 2.19.260 for Android devices. How will it affect users and when to wait for the release of the full version on all platforms? These are the questions that we raise in today's post.

Why are the Status updates so annoying?

A lot of users may, probably, say that they have already had the feature allowing them to hide the WhatsApp stories. So, here is the main pitfall. Do not confuse this with the upcoming feature of hiding muted Status from contacts. Soon we will explain the difference. If you put stories on other social media, you may notice all stories that you muted appeared grey in a separate segment in the bottom. For example, it happens on Snapchat and Instagram. To mute a Story in WhatsApp, you need to press on a three-dot menu sign. Then the application hides it in the Status tab that you can watch any time. For this, just tap on the arrow that expands the muted content.

So, the difference is that the forthcoming WhatsApp update will allow you to hide Stories from the contacts you have already muted. As a result, you do not see any more updates from the users you are not interested in. No gray icons and separate sections — they will just disappear.

When can users test the new feature?

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A new portion of WhatsApp updates is available on the beta version 2.19.260 for Android devices. To download it, you need first to register and sign in Play Store as a tester, and then go to APK Mirror and download the updated WhatsApp there. But do not be surprised if you have already installed the beta and do not see the new hiding feature available for testing. The developers said it is an A/B test at present. It means that one group of people sees the updates, and another does not. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t give exact dates for the release of the new version of the application on all platforms.

What else to expect in the new WhatsApp?

There are a lot of rumors about new updates for WhatsApp. For example, it is suggested that in the near future, users will be able to use WhatsApp on a PC without connecting their mobile phone to the Internet. Other reports said about the implementation of alignment indicators for emojis, stickers, and texts on Status. But there are just the rumors! Share in the comments below, are you excited with the upcoming opportunity of hiding the stories away?

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