The Simplest Way to Connect Spotify to Discord

After Spotify was upgraded, users received the option to connect their accounts to Discord. Now you can also see the music that you are listening to. Discord is a chatting app and a popular platform where people can interact with each other. It gives multiple beneficial opportunities for Spotify users to socialize via music.

Owners of Spotify and Discord accounts may combine them and notify their friends about the music they are currently streaming. To do this, you have to connect accounts. You can use either mobile Discord app for Android and iPhone or PC and Mac desktop versions.

Desktop Version: Connecting Spotify to Discord

Follow these instructions step by step to arrange the connection:

  1. Log into the Discord app for the browser or launch it if you don’t have one;

  2. Enter the Discord app, and find the “User Settings.” They are hidden behind the gear-shaped icon in the right lower corner of your screen. This icon is close to your username. Click it;

  3. Pick the “Connections” tab there, which you can see in the left top sidebar. This menu shows all your accounts that are currently connected with your account on Discord;

  4. Find the “Connect Your Accounts” line, and press the Spotify icon under it. After that, the new page will appear in the browser and offer you to log into the Spotify account you have.

After you are authorized in both Spotify and Discord accounts, this information will appear in the “Connections” section. But you don’t have to visit it to check whether you have connected accounts. You will see the badge on the profile in Discord with your username from Spotify. And every time you will stream music on Spotify on the same device where you are logged into the Discord account, your status will automatically signify that you are listening to Spotify on Discord.

Whenever your friends decide to watch what you are listening to, “Listen along” together with you or enjoy the same music, they can simply click on this tag in your Discord profile. Your songs will be played on their own Spotify pages. If you don’t want to share this option, you can turn it off in the “Connections”.

You can invite your friends to every channel you have permission for. Just click the plus sign next to the chat box and pick “Invite to Listen to Spotify” option. Send the link to your friends.

Mobile Version: Connecting Spotify to Discord

  • Download and launch the Discord app on your Android or iPhone. Swipe right to get to the channel/server browser. Tap on your picture that is placed in the bottom right corner of your screen;

  • Tap the “Connections” on the next page;

  • Tap “Add” in the menu. You will see the button in the upper right corner of your screen. The new menu will pop up, asking which account you want to connect to;

  • Pick the “Spotify” on this menu. Log into your account on Spotify on the new page that appears. After that allow Discord to connect.

  • Like with the desktop version, your Spotify username will appear on the Discord profile page. You can easily remove it in “Connections” or leave it. Meanwhile, you can’t possibly invite other people to listen to your Spotify stream on mobile, but users of the desktop version can check out the music you are listening to right now.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Usually, Spotify and Discord users have two versions of both apps, on desktop and mobile. We recommend you to do the same. This way, you will be able to enjoy your music and chat with friends wherever you are. Have you already connected your Spotify account to Discord? Share your impressions with us in the comments below. If you have negative thoughts about it, express them and explain why.

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