Best 5 Video Conferencing Apps for Work

Video conferencing apps make remote meetings affordable and simple. Businessmen can reach their business partners across the world. Whereas video conferences are something usual nowadays, it becomes harder to choose among the best conferencing apps. If you can’t decide which app is the best for you, follow our recommendations.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business app screenshot

Price: Free, $5 per month in the Office 365 business package, $5.50 per month without the package.

Everyone is familiar with Skype. It is hard to find the person who has not tried this app or heard of it before. Skype is a well-known brand. It is a solid and reliable product from Microsoft. Many businessmen prefer to use Skype mainly because their interviewees from different parts of the world also use it.

Skype has numerous benefits and a reputation of a secure app. It integrates with Office 365 and other products of Microsoft. If there are fewer than 25 members of the conference, the app is free. Skype for Business manages to provide over 3 billion minutes of calls per day.

As for the disadvantages, this app is not the lightest one. Skype requires a strong Internet connection, which is not always easy to find, especially if you use the WiFi system at the airport or bus station. But if you are not on the road, Skype if one of the obvious choices.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts app screenshot

Price: Free, $5 for 30 GB of storage.

Google Hangouts is another well-known app. While Skype was created for video conferences with family and friends, Google Hangouts was created for business purposes. Both apps can be used for business and fun, but Google Hangouts has a strong reputation of the app that companies use for remote meetings.

The app offers group chats for 100 people. Users may invite up to 10 people to a video conference. It is a perfect way to discuss your ideas with colleagues. This app integrates into Gmail. It means that you may send each other invitations, and mark the meeting in Google Calendar automatically. From the email address, you may arrange the video conversation. It is native to the web, similar to

Let’s not forget about the best feature of Google Hangouts, which is Hangouts Meet. It analyzes your schedule and suggests the most appropriate time for the meeting. As for disadvantages, it may be glitchy, especially when you have a low WiFi connection. Although this is a common problem for all such apps, many users find it annoying.

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings app screenshot

Price: free for agile teams, $14.99 for growing businesses with 1000 minutes of Call Me, $19.99 for large enterprises and 2 500 Call Me minutes.

RingCentral Meetings offers a user-friendly interface and reliability. Anyone can quickly learn how to navigate this app. It is important when you have to call a conference with people from different countries.

As for the features, one of the most beneficial is considered to be screen sharing. Another one is the scheduling that appears with one click. The app interacts with Google and Microsoft products, which is really handy. It extends the possibilities for remote partners.

As for the app’s disadvantages, there may be no phone numbers to connect to in some countries. However, this problem is common for all similar apps. Sometimes it freezes for a few seconds when you share your screen with others. You have to wait until you are able to see or show the screen. app screenshot

Price: free trial period, $10 per month. is simple to navigate. The software of the app works from the app. You don’t actually have to download apps or plug-ins on your device.

Among the main features, you may be interested in is the whiteboarding. This feature allows you to see the virtual paper sheet that you are filing in the real-time. If you have a project you want to describe to other users, this option will be crucial. You may build graphs and charts in real-time as well. You don’t have to work with the long-winded IDs anymore. Instead, you may send the meeting links to your contacts.

The app is helpful for remote business. However, there may be problems with the quality of audio. From time to time, calls may be disconnected due to the lack of audio and video quality on your device. The Internet connection has to be fast and reliable.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx app screenshot

Price: Free for up to 3 people, $19 per month for up to 8 people if you pay annually (or $24 per month monthly), $29 per month annually for 25 people ($39 per month monthly), and $39 per month annually for over 200 people ($49 per month monthly).

Cisco WebEx is a unique product on the market. It looks like any other top video conferencing app when it comes to security and reliability. However, it also provides online training courses and various events that may boost creativity and the whole meeting process.

You join the virtual conference room with several ideas in mind, and you can share them using the live streaming feature. Our favorite benefit of the Cisco WebEx app is the CallMe function. It takes care of reminding you of upcoming meetings, so you would never miss them or be late for them. This function can easily call you before the meeting and connect you with other members of the call. You don’t have to do anything, except answering the call.

As for the disadvantages, they are hard to find in this app. However, some users admit that while they are fascinated by the design of the app, it is hard to find all the features at the first attempt. You have to learn how to use the app before you are able to notice all the advantages.

Which App to Choose?

It does not matter which app you will choose from the list. They are the best from the best. All of these apps have positive reviews and reliable reputation. They are well-known in foreign countries. You don’t have to choose one of them. It is easy to keep 2 or even 3 apps on your devices. We use Google Hangouts, RingCentral Meetings, and Skype in the office. Each of us has its own preferences as well.
Try all of these apps, before you decide which one you like the best. Share your opinion in the comments below. You can also name your favorite app if we missed it.

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