Top 10 New Apps for Android

Did you know that Android developers publish hundreds of new applications on Google Play every day? It’s just impossible to keep track on them! It’s even more difficult for independent developers to promote their creations because of the high competition. For that reason, the majority of apps that most people use every day were developed years ago. Google apps, Instagram, Messanger, WhatsApp – all of them appeared at least 5 years ago. 

However, some developers manage to move their new apps to the top charts in various categories every year. I selected 10 best new apps out of dozens that I’ve tested over the last few months. Let’s take a look!

1. Byte

Byte app screenshot

Does anyone remember Vine? Oh, this network was a real hit but lost it’s following quite quickly because of Instagram and TikTok. Byte is a direct successor of that platform made by the same development team. The idea is even simpler: you create an account, record 6-second video loops, and post them to share the moment with friends and subscribers. The current version of the app is a bit raw and short on features (compared to TikTok), but developers keep adding new ones every now and then, so I hope Byte is to get bigger soon. 

2. GitHub


Yes, I know that GitHub’s app was initially launched several years ago. But I’ve also beta tested its brand new version recently. The redesigned app provides a more up-to-time user experience along with the features that I always loved GitHub for. 

You can browse projects, view code and pull requests, and do other nice stuff without any difficulties. Enjoy working late hours? The dark mode is here for you too! Even the beta version works perfectly well, so I expect the full release to be a breakthrough for the platform. 

3. Malwarebytes Call Protection

Malwarebytes Call Protection app screenshot

Despite the improved security firewall of the latest Android versions, it’s still pretty vulnerable for various types of scams, including scam calls. I’ve tried several protecting apps over the last 2 years, and the last one, Malwarebytes Call Protection, appeared to be the best. Malwarebytes created this online platform with a focus on crowdsourcing, which lets the database of spammers and phishers grow extremely fast. The app can do nothing but block calls and SMS from potentially dangerous sources and spammers, but it does its thing perfectly well. 

4. Microsoft Launcher Preview

Microsoft Launcher Preview app screenshot

Microsoft Launcher Preview is the next cool beta that I’ve tested recently. It seems that Microsoft has learned several lessons from its previous mediocre launcher and finally did it right. The new app provides an improved UI with a dark mode, a useful landscape mode, and other unique perks. Also, the company promises lower battery consumption and smoother performance. I can’t comment on that yet, but it sounds like a very good offer. 

5. Nvidia GeForce NOW

Nvidia GeForce NOW app screenshot

Following the growing popularity of Google Stadia and Microsoft XCloud, Nvidia launches its own video game streaming platform. Unlike its rivals, the platform lets you play 60 minutes at a time for free! The paid version (which is just $4.99) provides longer streaming sessions, priority access, and the new incredible ray tracing technology in compatible games. Experts predict the service to compete with Stadia and XCloud over the next 5 years. 

6. Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home app screenshot

If you are a big Pokemon fan like I am, you will love this new app. Pokemon Home is dedicated cloud storage for all the creatures that you have in your libraries in all Pokemon games across different platforms. The service allows you to transfer all creatures to the cloud and sync them between different core games. For example, you can already take any creature from Pokemon Go! and obtain it in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Besides, you can use it to trade with other users and see what else you can tame. It’s a must-have of the season for every Pokemon fan. 

7. Privy

Privy app screenshot

Privy is a surprising social media platform that lets you focus on communication with your family members and close friends. Your Privy account is invisible for all other users until you provide them permission. Your personal data is also hidden from all third parties, including advertisers. If anyone wants to get in touch, they must join first, which is way better than Facebook. 

8. QuakeAlertUSA

QuakeAlertUSA app screenshot

You can get ambushed by earthquakes in many areas of the US. QuakeAlertUSA is designed to warn you about earthquakes in your area in 10-60 seconds after the first vibrations. The current version of the app is much better than early builds and sources the information from ShakeAlert and USGS. All notifications and earthquake reports work well enough to help you choose the proper behavior pattern. I recommend this app if you live in a seismically active zone. 

9. SayCheese

SayCheese app screenshot

SayCheese is based on a very simple idea, so I was surprised when I realized that it’s the first of a kind. It’s a remote camera controller that lets you connect your phone to your friend’s phone or tablet to make a group photo. Due to the remote viewfinder, you can make sure that you set the right angle and the manual focus controller to make sharp photos. SayCheese is a great beta project that looks really promising. 

10. Steno Notes

Steno Notes app sccreenshot

Is it possible to make a new note-taking app that’s different from others? Steno Notes is the answer. It’s a totally minimalistic app for making and keeping notes that offers a colorful interface, a stylish dark mode, and a convenient folder and hashtag system for organizing the notes. I can’t wait to test the full version when it comes out! 

Still Evolving

Now you can see that mobile app development doesn’t stand still. You may say that some of the new apps from my list look similar to something that you’ve been using before. Even if it’s true, they provide improved user experiences, which is really important for modern time-conscious users. Are you already using at least some of them? Or maybe you can suggest other new Android apps? Join the talk in the comments and share my piece with friends!

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