Top Communication Apps for Your Company

It is impossible to do your work properly without communication with your colleagues or boss. Whether you are working remotely or at the same office, you need to share files, links, or discuss important questions. Sometimes it is hard to satisfy clients, make an order on time, or even stay focused without proper communication. There are life-savings apps that were made specially to solve these problems.

Can a small chat app improve the whole business?

Communication is the key to anything. It solves problems and stops wars. If you think that it is irrelevant for your work, you are missing an amazing opportunity for improvement. Team members, who do not need to run up and down the stairs, wasting their time on coming to your office and back just to discuss something will appreciate these apps.

It takes less time to ask a question or receive an answer. It means that all the questions that colleagues saved for the next time they meet will be asked and nothing will be lost. All team members will receive access to important information at the same time. Some of the apps have project management features other suit client communication better, and so on.

These apps help the team to stay focused on their common goal. This way you will receive better results. Productivity will be increased, and the workers will feel as part of a team. Even remote workers can easily reach the office and share the team spirit.

Top apps for communication at work

While we all know numerous chatting apps, not all of them are suitable for business. The perfect communication app for work must contain several features and meet quite a lot of requirements. It must be easy to navigate and understand.


Slack application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $15 for a month.

Slack is positioned as a working creative hub for sharing ideas and taking decisions. The center of Slack is the chat between all colleagues. Some users prefer to compare it to Trello by its organization. Still, this is not like Trello at all. This app will be appreciated by anyone who used Hipchat before it was discontinued. All the conversations can be organized into channels, and it actually solves the problem with email chains. It is much easier to find the conversation thread you need if you know where to look and what to look for.

Every member of the chat can join or leave it anytime, write messages or easily find the old ones. You can make a call, share files, and arrange video conferences in Slack. It is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and probably  even your company’s unique software. You may keep all the important data in the storage, so all members of the project could use it.

Main attractions:

  • Channels are well organized and easy to join or leave.
  • Video and audio calls between colleagues are extremely easy to arrange.
  • File sharing option. Slack is compatible with other platforms.


Basecamp application screenshots

Price: $99 a month.

Basecamp app was made for clients oriented companies. You may arrange communication through the app in various ways like Campfire, chatroom, or message boards. If you want to talk directly to your team mate, send the private message or email.

The new feature that lacks in many other apps is that you can actually include your clients into the conversations. Basically, your clients will receive updates on the project and will be able to discuss their questions with you. You can show charts, to-do lists, reports, etc. There is storage for your needs and project calendar to remind you of the deadlines. Actually, the whole working process is simplified. You don’t need to arrange meetings with your clients or call them. They can always visit the app and check what has been done and what you are currently working on.

Main attractions:

  • Close interactions with clients through the app.
  • Charts and reports, and other ways to show the progress to both team members and clients.
  • Various options for communication between each other: chats, conferences, etc.


Zoom application screenshots

Price: various from free and up to $199.50 for a month.

There are group video chats for everyone who prefers to see each other during the conversation, instead of typing messages. You can either organize one-on-one private chat or invite up to 100 people to join. This is a nice way to provide conference and include all your remote employees. Face-to-face conversations can significantly increase productivity. There will be less misunderstanding between each other. And this app is widely used for online international conferences.

Zoom app also allows you to share your screen with others, so everyone will be able to see your presentation. The best thing is that you can always join the chat from the tablet or smartphone. To join the conference you will have to make a phone call. You can share even your phone screen if you need. And if you want you may record the conference for other users or for yourself.

Main attractions:

  • Recording the conference and keeping it in the storage.
  • You can join the conference on your phone.
  • Video conferences private or up to 100 people.


Bitrix24 application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $199 for a month.

Bitrix24 app was created to help people to communicate with each other. Besides, it provides you with all tools for team members and task management. You can create separate workgroups that will have their own assignments and in the evening call everyone for the common meeting in a chat room or video conference. You may send emails, create events in the calendar and discuss current tasks with employees.

There are task boards for a better convenience and file sharing option. If you use a time tracking system, this app helps with it too. Similar to Basecamp, Bitrix24 offers you to bring your clients into the chat. You don’t have to pay for the app if you don’t want extra services. This app is lightweight and easy to use. You may place any amount of information and share it with your colleagues.

Main attractions:

  • Video conferences or chats between colleagues.
  • Direct and active collaboration with clients.
  • Team management and time tracking system.


Sameroom application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $5 000 for a month.

This app offers a single communication way for different platforms users. You don’t have to change the platform you are accustomed to.  If you are used to chatting through one app, Sameroom will simply connect you with your colleagues who apply another app.

Besides, you can always unite all your various accounts on one platform. To make it clear, you are able to connect different channels of Slack in one, so the team or clients will have access to everything. Sameroom does not need any extra skills, as it was made super user-friendly.

Main attractions:

  • Over 20 various apps can integrate with the Sameroom.
  • You and other employees may still use your favorite platforms.
  • Different conversations may be united on the same platform.


Asana application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $23.99 for a month and user fees.

Asana is an app that is mainly used for project management. Meanwhile, it has all the features for communication inside the team. You can chat with your colleagues one-on-one or call for the group meeting. There are project boards that are useful for keeping updated on the progress, so your colleagues will see it.

Make an assignment in the app and share it with your colleagues. You can post your comments or ask questions there. Notifications will be sent to the employees that take part in the project. Forget about misunderstanding and irrelevant remarks.

Main attractions:

  • You are able to make notes in the assignments directly.
  • Project boards show the current progress to employees.
  • You are able to choose when you want to see notifications.


Wrike application screenshots

Price: variуs from free up to $24.8 for a user per month.

Wrike is a management app that helps to provide communication among employees, create projects on time and organize the work structure. Colleagues can receive messages from each other in their workspace. It helps to avoid confusing situations, searching through various tasks and projects. This way, you are able to see the message and immediately respond to it.

Unlike many other apps, Wrike allows you to attach comments to videos, and images as well. This way your notes will be seen on time. All the progress of the whole team is seen in the app. You may share the workflows, ask questions, make updates. You don’t need to actually ask everyone about their tasks and how everything goes. You will see everything yourself.

Main attractions:

  • Updates on the status of the project.
  • You can add notes to videos and photos.
  • Sends messages and chats directly to the workspace to avoid confusion.

Do you actually need any of these apps?

The answer is so obvious that you don’t even have to ask. Modern market has numerous requirements that involve fast and productive communication between co-workers. At the same time, more companies nowadays prefer to hire remote workers who always need to be updated on the current situation with projects. Apps like Slack or Wrike are in trend nowadays, while other amazing apps that were mentioned here are still unknown.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try all of these apps until you find something worthy of your attention. Each of them has different specifics which will be more or less suitable for your work. Build a strong bond between team members and keep the progress visible for everyone.

The list of communication apps here is not complete. You may use some other apps as well. If you do, tell us about them and why do you like them. And if you are familiar with one of the apps mentioned above, please share your honest opinion here, in the comments.

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