Gacha Life Review

Gacha Life Review

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Gacha Life by Lunime is a cute anime-style mobile game in which you can express yourself and explore the boundless world of Gacha. There are numerous universes in which you can meet hundreds of NPCs and interact with them to have fun. Gacha Life is available for iOS and Android, and you can play it anywhere you go due to offline capabilities. 

Your Gacha, Your Rules

Entering the world of Gacha, you are free to represent yourself the way you want. Due to the versatile character editor, you can dress up with up to 20 items at the same time. The shop includes ready-made costumes, dresses, hats, boots, weapons, and various accessories. Besides, you can customize your hairstyle and facial features. Still not satisfied? Teach your Gacha character to perform various moves!

Create Scenarios

When your character is ready, you can enjoy playing the studio mode. Here you can make your characters move and interact with each other. Attach text bubbles to each of them and write whatever you want. The game lets you record your plays and share them in social networks to have fun with your friends who play Gacha Life or just like anime. 

Simulate Life

Sometimes it’s impossible to explore the real world as actively as you want, so Gacha Life is an excellent opportunity to fill this gap. The game offers you to travel around schools, clubs, towns, and other exciting places where various NPCs live. You can chat with anyone to figure out who you are talking to. All NPCs are different and may surprise you with extraordinary replies. Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer to interact with live players. Still, the game-related communities in social networks are very crowded, so you can have fun there! 

Games in Game 

Feel bored with chatting and dressing up? Play built-in mini-games that feature your characters. It’s an exciting way to win valuable prizes, such as gems to progress and unlock new features faster. There are over 100 prizes that you can win and add to your collection. By the way, farming in Gacha is quite simple, which means that you can play the game for free all the time. 

Our Verdict – 9

Gacha Life is a superior anime-styled game that offers you to implement your creative thoughts and represent yourself as an anime character of your dream. The more you play it, the more exciting items and interactions. Play online and offline anywhere you go and share your findings and handmade scenarios with other layers on Facebook and Instagram. The game is available for free and lets you achieve lots of free gems for completing various interesting tasks. 

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 10

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8

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