Garry's Mod Review

Garry's Mod Review

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Garry’s Mod is a sandbox computer game with nearly unlimited opportunities for implementing your creative ideas into life. In plain words, it’s a game that lets you develop your games within a gamified development environment. First, you play while creating, and then play what you’ve made. It’s the largest sandbox ever with a multimillion library of user-created games. You can jump in right now and add your vision to this vast online universe.

Limitless Crafting 

In Garry’s Mod, you are free to control every object’s dimensions, colors, textures, and even physical properties. Although it sounds like features of an average game development kit, the process of creation in this game is much more fun and exciting. 

You are given several tools that look like weapons from Half-Life and Portal but have different functions. Each tool has one or more functions that let you move objects, change their physical properties, attach things, and more. Utilizing them is very easy. Just use your imagination, and you’ll be able to build tons of unique vehicles, funny weapons, buildings, and, what’s even more exciting, adjust various playable scenarios. 

You are free to create games in virtually any genre and then play them together with your friends. There are over 20 gameplay modes to choose from as a base for your title. You can adjust them to your needs and have lots of fun. 

Source Forever

The entire game is powered by the Valve’s Source engine API. Although the engine is rather old, the game still looks quite good. Besides, the studio updates it quite frequently to keep the game attractive for new players. It’s not about graphics, though. It’s more about total freedom and wild flight of imagination. If you don’t like the offered textures and objects, you are free to upload your ones. Fortunately, the web is overflowing with millions of readymade solutions, including vehicles, characters, buildings, and much other static and interactive objects. 

Share Your Vision

Garry’s Mod is a social sandbox that lets you share your creations with the entire community of the game owners all over the world. They can rank your game, letting you get higher on the leaderboards and promote your profile. 

Our Verdict – 9

Do you lack freedom in video games? Then you have to try Garry’s Mod to understand how infinite possibilities look like. Facepunch Studios managed to make home game development incredibly simple. It lets you make playable titles fast or explore the worlds created by other players for free.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 9

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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