Google Play Games Review

Google Play Games Review

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Google Play Games is the official Android app that lets you filter Android games from applications to choose what to play much faster. Besides, it offers an extensive library of innovative built-in games, which you can play without installation. Playing games via Play Games, you can win thousands of achievements and progress on worldwide leaderboards. 

Adaptive Experience

The Play Games app lets you customize your search and find the best games faster. Using the convenient rubricator, you can pick the categories that you like the most and receive suggestions based on your interests. There are no applications and useless games. The app’s team moderates the list of available games to provide you only with the best new and classic titles. 

If you’re not sure what you like, you can look for the most popular titles in the browser or just look at what do Google Play authorities choose to play. Most of the editorial picks are worth playing. 

Dynamic Profile 

Your Play Games profile always changes depending on your in-game activities. Downloading games via the platform, you achieve the ability to earn skill points and unlock qualification levels. You can compare your progress in each game with your friends and the worldwide community of players. 

Google Pay Sync

If you want to play paid games, you can pay for them using your Google Pay account. But is it safe? Thanks to encrypted synchronization, it’s secure to make payments within this app. Your data remains encrypted all the time, which makes it impossible to intercept your login data. Besides, you are allowed to activate touch ID and Face ID authorization, which is impossible to break. 

No Subscription

On the one hand, it’s very convenient as you can play only free games or choose what to pay for. On the other hand, the absence of subscription doesn’t let you experience multiple paid games and save money. Unfortunately, you have to pay for each download and in-game purchase separately. 

Built-in Games

Рlay Games is the first platform ever that lets you play many games without downloading and installing them on your device. What’s more surprising is that you can use the feature offline! Currently, the built-in library includes Pac-Man, Patience, Cricket, Solitaire, Snake, and several other games. Perhaps, that’s the future of mobile gaming. 

Our Verdict - 9

Google Play Games is the best gaming service for Android owners. It makes finding the best games in your favorite genre much faster and share your progress with the largest mobile gaming community. Hopefully, Google will add a subscription for saving money on paid games and make the service even better.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 9

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