Minecraft Review

Minecraft Review

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Minecraft is an open-world randomly-generated crafting simulator, my Mojang and Microsoft. In this game, you can generate and explore an unlimited number of fully rebuildable virtual terrains, compete with friends, and master the unique crafting system. At last, the mobile version of Minecraft is not a cut spin-off, but a full-scale game with a cross-platform multiplayer mode. You can get it for your iOS or Android device right away on the App Store and Google Play. 

Live Classics

Downloading the latest version of Minecraft for your smartphone, you obtain the fullest version of the game. Here you can mine and craft all the items available in the desktop version and enjoy the untold atmosphere of the best crafting game ever. Now you are allowed to sign in using your main Minecraft account that you use on your PC and keep playing from the same place. 


One of the most exciting improvements is the community-powered marketplace. It lets you expand your game with thousands of unique community creations, including maps, texture packs from the top creators, and, of course, skins to make your Steve a different person. 

To make the game even more exciting, you can download and activate addons. The web is overflowing with professionally-crafted mods and addons for this game, so just download and install what you like to upgrade your Minecraft copy and became the coolest guy in the multiplayer. 

Realms Exploration

Minecraft lets you create your own multiplayer realms to play with your friends. One realm allows you to invite up to 10 friends from other platforms. You can compete and collaborate to create brand new wonderful worlds. 

Explosive Multiplayer

If realms don’t attract you, feel free to join free massively multiplayer Minecraft servers, where thousands of players play every night and day. Each server lets you interact with anyone you like and chat in large lobbies. Who knows, maybe you will make lots of new friends there! It’s also a great opportunity to challenge your survival skills. 

Not Boring Alone

Minecraft single-player on mobile devices isn’t boring anymore. The game is full of dangerous mobs, pillagers, and friendly NPCs. Moreover, the world is now inhabited by a large variety of animals, including cats, pandas, and many other species. Some of them can even give you valuable stuff. 

Our Verdict – 10

While the old Minecraft PE used to be a vague spin-off, the new version of the game is a treasure box. You can finally enjoy all the features of this legendary game right on your mobile device and synchronize your progress seamlessly. It’s pure joy.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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