Netflix Review

Netflix Review

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Netflix app is an official client of one of the most popular online streaming platforms on the web. Using this service, you can view the entire library of Netflix series and movies under terms of a single monthly subscription. You can start watching on your TV or computer and continue on your smartphone without the need to synchronize manually. The app is available for iOS, Android, Smart TV, consoles, and a variety of TV boxes. 

The Biggest Production

The first reason to get Netflix is the immense library of exclusive content. The service offers original feature films, series, documentaries, TV shows, anime, and many other types of content without asking you to pay for each title separately. Most of the titles are award-winning franchises, such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Black Mirror, Picky Blinders, Narcos, and many more. 

New big titles come out several times per year. Unlike other platforms, Netflix lets you binge entire seasons on the day they come out. It’s just hard to use services that release episodes weekly after tasting this democratic all-access subscription type. You can binge all the available shows nonstop and without the need to wait. 

Also, you can download entire seasons onto your mobile device to watch them offline anytime and anywhere around your country. If you want to keep watching when you’re visiting a country that’s not supported by Netflix, it’s important to download a VPN service to skip the DRM block. 

Cross-Platform Sync

Due to Netflix accessibility on many platforms, you can start watching your favorite show on any platform and continue streaming on your smartphone or tablet on the go. Using the basic subscription, you can authorize an unlimited number of devices to sync your progress and keep watching on one device in SD quality. If you get the Standard plan, you can download HD episodes on 2 devices simultaneously.

Easy to Choose

Besides the high quality of content, the Netflix app lets you find what you need at the moment very easy. You can either browse the library via the list of categories or let the app’s algorithms do the job for you and suggest something you may like, based on your previous choices and behavior patterns. 

Our Verdict – 9

Although Netflix is one of the cheapest subscription-based streaming services so far, it offers a highly competitive content database. It’s also the only service that lets you skip waiting for the new episodes to come out and binge entire seasons as soon as the first episode comes out. It’s a bit inconvenient to stream abroad because of regional limitations, but the problem is easy to solve with a VPN.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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