SHAREit - Transfer & Share Review

SHAREit - Transfer & Share Review

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SHAREit is a universal cross-platform sharing application developed by Lenovo’s SHAREit team to make file sharing between different systems simpler. In addition to that, the app lets you enjoy free streaming of music and video content. SHAREit is available for iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Let’s take a look at the mobile versions to understand their benefits for each platform. 

For Android

Using the Android version of SHAREit, you can send absolutely any file from your local storage to other Android, iOS, or Windows devices. There are no limitations for receiving files as well. You can even share and receive large games like PUBG or Fortnite without the internet. Enter the Game tab in the bottom menu to discover more sharable games.

Using the automatic video buffering feature, you can enjoy watching random offline videos anytime you are disconnected. SHAREit will upload several new clips next time you connect to WiFi. You can also browse for full-length movies in a large variety of categories and stream online or download. The library includes action movies, drama, cartoons, documentaries, and many more. 

For iOS

The iOS version of the app doesn’t offer such a variety of video content for free streaming. Instead, it includes a large, frequently updatable music library with a convenient built-in music player.

The sharing features of both apps are pretty similar. There are no limits to the size of sharable files as well as for the transfer speed. The highest possible speed is 20MB/s, which is significantly more than Bluetooth 4.0 permits. It’s not as fast as AirDrop (around 33MB/s), but wors as a cross-platform method, solving the old sharing problem of Apple users. 

Apparent DIfference

Besides functional differences, both versions have different interface designs. The Android version has a white interface with blue parts, while the iOS app interface is almost entirely blue and includes different control elements. For example, there’s no browsing menu at the bottom, so you have to browse all offline and online contact via the top-panel menu. At this point, the Android version is much more convenient to control with one hand. The iOS version lacks large-screen accessibility elements. 

Our Verdict – 8

SHAREit is a universal service for sharing files between different operating systems. It provides high loading speed and a robust set of offline features, including playback of downloaded proprietary content, and game sharing. SHAREit users can save each other from boredom and enjoy unlimited free content together. 

Design and Usability 7

Key Functions 8


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SHAREit - Transfer & Share SHAREit - Transfer & Share


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