Skype - free IM & video calls Review

Skype - free IM & video calls Review

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Skype is a video calling application with instant messenger and file sharing features. It lets you make free calls to any supported platform and get in touch with multiple people at the same time. The app is supported by iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows, and macOS. 

Meetups and Conferences

Skype is a universal solution for both private meetups and serious business conferences. You can make audio and video calls to up to 24 people at the same time, which is enough for a wide range of purposes. The most popular ones are voice chatting while playing games, getting together with friends and relatives, and talking to business partners without time limitations. You can brighten up your conversations using exclusive Skype emojis, stickers, and thousands of free Giphy emojis. 

Business Approach

If you need a conferencing app for business purposes, Skype may become a good choice. Using the app, you can not only talk to people but also conduct business demonstrations and deliver technical consultations online. All these are possible due to the HD screen sharing feature. You can examine the computers of your employees and check their work using the feature as well. Moreover, this function is available within the free subscription. 

If you need direct contact with people who cannot use Skype, you can get a 2000-minute plan for making calls to cell and landline phones around the US or other countries. Fortunately, all online features are always free. 

A Bit Heavy

This calling app is easy to use, looks great, and provides nearly the best streaming quality, but it requires so much RAM for that. Slow devices cannot work smoothly when you launch it, while flagship devices get discharged quite fast. That why running Skype in the background isn’t the best idea if you don’t have the charger nearby. On the other hand, it’s a fair price for such a high quality of calls. 

Sharing Machine

Unlike the vast majority of mobile instant messengers and video calling apps, Skype doesn’t restrict sharable file types. You can share any file type without speed limitations. However, the maximal file size is limited to 300MB, so you have to look for another app if you want to share larger files. You can use the proprietary OneDrive solution or insert Google Drive links for files up to 15GB. 

Our Verdict – 9

Skype is a robust solution for private and business communication, independently from the device you are using. The mobile version lets you benefit from all the positive features of the network but entrails some minuses as well. It’s recommended to everyone who values a high quality of the image and needs to share different files frequently. 

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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